What do We Talk about When We Talk about Social-Ecological Systems?

I can’t agree more with this article that appeared in the Sustainability journal: there is no »E » in social-ecological research. Good news is that we still have a lot of work to do.

Cristina Herrero-Jáuregui and her colleagues point exactly what we all talk about and nobody is accepting publicly, namely that « … the majority of studies do not study SES as a whole, integrating both social and ecological variables and their feedback loops. We consider SES as a concept still in construction in order to build a necessary framework for the integration of social and ecological sciences. For a robust evolution, we recommend that one focus on: (i) A conscious, discussed and agreed effort of scientists to conduct the transdisciplinary research needed to study SES; and (ii) the development of methodological tools for the true integration of social and ecological data.. »



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