Documenting representations of forest fire and controlled burning in the Swedish boreal forest

Sarah Cogos and Andréa Poiret, doing her master 1 internship in TESS, just came back from a 3 weeks fieldwork in Northern Sweden. They visited the towns of Umeå, Arvidsjaur and Pajala to gather the views of Sami reindeer herders, foresters, and ecological historians about forest fire and controlled burning.
To that end, they recorded interviews, took photographs of the interviewees and of their work environment in relation to fire, and recorded sounds evoking the local environment.
Andréa will now start putting together the collected material into a film aiming at conveying each group’s representations about fire and controlled burning.

Sarah Cogos during an interview with two reindeer herders from Arvidsjaur.
Andréa Poiret recording the sound of a small fire.

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