Companion Modelling, towards serious games in interdisciplinary research

It has been an intensive training week close to Avignon for Timothée Fouqueray. Mixing theoretical courses, practical exercises and the implementation of a serious game, this training gathered together PhD students, students, researchers and a few environmentalist practitioners around this interdisciplinary methodology. Companion modelling regards the study of renewable resource management thanks to agent-based models, in order to better understand processes of coordination or decision.

Back from the summer school, Timothée is confident in applying this methodological approach for his PhD. Indeed, the analysis of how forest stakeholders deal with the multifarious uses of forests in France fits with the specificities of Companion Modelling games: interdisciplinary (ecology, economics, geography, …), issues of common property, decisions to be taken in uncertain futures, etc.

The challenge is now to finish select the concise question to be collectively answered, with our partners from the regional natural park. To be continued, then…


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