What is wrong between ecological science and policy?

Sometimes we need to find a title for the title of our publications, but this one says it all. In a recent issue of Ecology Letters, one of the PhD candidates of the team made a lucid analysis for the need to foster interdisciplinarity research in ecology to produce useful knowledge for policy-makers.

In their own words: « Ecological research is highlighting different kinds of issues concerning biodiversity conservation policies. Based on a historical study on protected areas, we suggest that these issues are not caused by a lack of knowledge or technical tools but rather by a misuse of ecological knowledge during the implementation of policy instruments in part driven by a lack of understanding of the mechanisms underlying the policymaking process. We believe that determining the conditions under which ecological science can enlighten policy decisions is now necessary to address current biodiversity conservation issues. This can only be achieved through the promotion of interdisciplinary research. »

Chassé, P., Blatrix, C. and Frascaria‐Lacoste, N. (2020), What is wrong between ecological science and policy?. Ecol. Lett., 23: 1736-1738. https://doi.org/10.1111/ele.13613


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