Wandering in Québec, Canada


October gave me the opportunity to go to Québec, for familial purposes. I seized the chance to meet Alison Munson, researcher at the Forestry Department of Université Laval in Québec and formerly in our team during her scientific gap year in Paris. Invited to give a talk about my results, I also had the pleasure to get a nice insight  into Canadian scientific life, especially during Alison’s team lab meeting.

Another meeting in Montreal with Elise Filotas was another glance into a modelisation project on socioecosystems. Elise works on the spatial and temporal integration of climatic uncertainties (fires, pest outbreaks, …) into biomass production models. Getting to understand a Canadian scientific culture seemed to me a healthy feedback on French forestry practices.

Still, scientific meetings alone would have been frustrating without some field visit in deciduous forests, which I’ve done in Québec’s neighborhood. There was this moment when I wondered why a clearcut left untouched circa half a meter of wood above the ground. But a quick reminder of how high snow can be during winter helped me understand that, despite all its mighty tree harvesting machines, humans could not grip the bottom frozen tree stumps. Something I don’t think I’ll see in France – well, maybe yes with climate changes…


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